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Capture, Manage, and Deliver Valuable Sales Generating Leads With Ultra Precision Using a Super Flexible API

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Find, Track, & Distribute Leads for Sales
High-quality leads generation and management service with ultra-precision
Run automated campaigns to swiftly convert marketing and business leads
Invite or manually add unlimited publishers to the CRM with one click
Add buyers and set up individual routes to deliver accurate leads to the right buyer
Create and update leads between pipelines. Schedule email/sms campaigns and add notes for each lead.
Our Service
Accentuate Features Of LeadsWatch
Real Time Leads
Capture and monitor valuable leads from any source, from simple contact forms to full-fledge landing pages.
Lead Analysis
Ensure the authenticity of the received lead by previewing the contents beforehand with a single click.
Data Encryption
We arm you with a supreme-level data encryption algorithm protecting your business around the clock.
Format Leads
Append or Convert formats of specific fields within a lead like DOB, Date, Time, and Phone Number.
Leads Distribution
Ping Post and dispense leads in JSON and XML file formats with scope for customization.
Outbound Routes
Configure and systemize multiple routes with extended functionality to deliver data-driven leads to buyers.
How Leadswatch Will Catapult Your Online Lead Generation to Success
Higher Conversions
Companies that effectively nurture and manage their leads experience a 47% higher conversion rate on average (Source: The Annuitas Group)
Increased productivity
Sales representatives using CRM software achieve an average productivity increase of 15%. (Source: Nucleus Research)
Enhanced analytics
Sales teams that use lead analytics outperform their peers by 105% in quota attainment. (Source: Salesforce)
Scalability and growth
Companies that automate lead generation in marketing have seen a 10% or more increase in revenue within 6-9 months. (Source: Gartner)
Sleek Communication
Timely follow-up and consistent communication, leads to a 23% increase in sales closure rates. (Source: Aberdeen Group)
Faster response
Businesses that respond to leads within the first hour are 7x more likely to have a conversation with a decision-maker.
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