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Ping-Post Lead Distribution CRM & API

Generate, Filter, and Deliver leads with automation. LeadsWatch is the only ping-post tool in the market that adapts to your requirements with no extra cost.

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Bid adieu to cumbersome lead management tools, spreadsheets, and data management software. LeadsWatch takes care of all the heavy lifting and allows marketers to do what they do best…generate and convert leads.

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LeadsWatch understands the intricacies of the ever-evolving marketing industry to ensure our customers presented with the latest features to take advantage of being the best in the game.


Real-time Leads

Capture and monitor leads from any source ranging from simple contact forms to custom landing pages


Lead Details

Preview the lead details with a single click to ensure data accuracy and execute business decisions


Inbound Campaigns

Set up multiple campaigns or multiple publishers in the same campaign based on your buyers


Append/Format Leads

Options to convert data format for certain fields like dob, date, time, and phone number


Lead Distribution

Ping-Post or Post distribution with JSON or XML data format compatibility and customized distribution


Outbound Routes

Configure multiple buyer routes with extended functionality to deliver data-driven leads


Validate/Filter Leads

Validate inbound leads from multiple publishers in real-time to allow or block the leads

Distribution Filters

Apply data filters to outbound leads to deliver the right lead to the right buyer

Mobile App

LeadsWatch also features mobile apps for iOS and Android to help users never lose track of the business


Charge buyers and pay the publishers from within the app to ensure timely accounting

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate your payment gateway to collect your invoices from your buyers

Team Features

Give access to your team members to collaborate and work together for increased productivity

Distribute Leads that Matter the Most

From the source of your choice, ranging from custom landing pages to simple input forms. LeadsWatch helps in monitoring the leads and distributing them for profits.

Distribute Leads with Ultra-Precision

With the ever-growing list of verticals, routing the leads to the right buyer is a tough task. LeadsWatch’s customizable lead distribution features help to automate real-time lead routing.


Industries taking advantage of LeadsWatch

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